BOB isn't an it. It's a he.

Bob/Rob/Robert is a writer and ideas man. He came from West Herts College working up in top 10 agencies and now works on his own projects including Samsung, Playboy, Piaggio and English Heritage Buildings.

With over 15 years experience, he has worked on just about everything. He's won Creative Circle, Aerial, D&AD and British TV awards, and he's come up with an offering that he believes will suit everyone. Here's how
it works:

Any brief you take on requires ideas. The more the better. You have teams in-house on the payroll; but you don't necessarily get everything you want out of them, especially in a pitch situation when you don't know your client. Freelancers are an added cost and offer no guarantee, but they still send you a bill.

Bob offers the opportunity for you to have free ideas with no obligation, from a senior creative brain, that you could take, tweak or set fire to.

There's no hand-holding process or boardroom time, just email the brief over and the chances are he'll get it. Bob isn't there as a reliance, he's there as a bonus. There's no obligation on either side. You don't spend a penny or a minute of your time on him and if it's not up his street he'll go and do something else.

If you get something back that you like, it's yours to keep. Shoot it, print it, record it and make your client happy with it. Bob works only on a voluntary fee basis. If you think what you have is worth paying for, send him some money. 10% of which goes to a charity of your choosing.

That's it. Painfully simple. Please feel free to explore his work, and he says he looks forward to hearing from you.